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Why not wear a bow on your head today. It’s friday after all.


Peek-a-boo! Sorry we’ve been a little slow with updating the blog recently … we HAVE to shut the computer down now & then. But fear not, we’re back on track, August has commenced and holidays are over & out (but not forgotten)

This time of year

Plenty of them.


Monday monday …

… the poor, grey day that is always being snorted at. Well, today we’re gonna throw some love at it (-expecting to receive it back)

Image from Cover magazine / March 2011

That monday feeling …


A little deer

This would look nice on a wooden shelf somewhere …

Monday treat

LA rule # 1: It’s very important to spoil yourself on mondays. For example with a cake by Sadaharu Aoki.

Image via.

Here comes the sun

Love this number by The Beatles and love its promisses … if only! When it happens, I’ll be wearing these sunglasses by Valentino.

Rare photo by The Beatles from before they were famous by Tony Barrow/Scopefeatures

Words …

… written in (the) space (between).

Flying around …

Sorry for the lack of new posts these days, things are pretty hectic … But we’ll be back in FULL blogging-effect soon!