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Sunday switch

Happy little fellow, eh?

Via myfunnyeye.


What amazing effects (LED) lights can create … by French Superbien.


BMW 525i

Art Car painted in 1991 by South African artist Esther Mahlangu.

Al Jarnow

If you don’t know painter, filmmaker, software developer, exhibition designer (in other words, multi talent) Al Jarnow, then it is about time. A new dvd with his collected works (shortfilms & animations) has been released earlier this year and it is definitely on our wishlist. More about him here.

Trailer for the dvd …

Two of his shortfilms here …

Go faster!

“Go Faster – The Graphic Design of Racecars” takes the reader through the graphic design of various cars and the images of racing history (as the title suggests). Quite funny to see how you they have used colour and shapes to modulate the shape of the vehicles and make them look fast and furious. The book is authored by Sven Voelker, a car enthusiast and graphic designer living in Berlin (and also responsible for the global corporate design at Suzuki among other clients)

The book was published by Gestalten Verlag in January 2010


If LA were to go on a SAFARI (only watching animals – not hunting – of course!) we would love to document everything with this particular SAFARI themed camera from Leica. No reason to mention any prize tags attached to the special-limited-edition-only-500-made of the M8 model. No need to mention the camera was introduced last year, and by no means is available anymore. And no need to think about the fact that we are not going on a safari just now. Maybe we can purchase a safari-themed chair instead? This one (last image) designed by Mogens Koch and handmade by Rud Rasmussen is very nice!

Hip to be cube …

Ok, this might be the first and only time you’ll hear about cars on this blog. But we would just like to say, that LA really likes this little fella Nissan Cube. It has a nice shape, and looks like it would provide you a pleasurable ride. They just released their second generation which also includes electricity driven versions. Well done. Unfortunately it is not available to us Danes. Hmrpfh!