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Devendra Banhart “Für Hildegard Von Bingen”.


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Listening to …

Lee Hazlewood “My Autumn’s done come”

Listening to …

Spring has decided to switch on ‘delay’-mode! Azealia Banks is helping us to some much needed energy today … ‘1991’.


Listening to …

Taken by Trees’ latest album “Other Worlds”. She was just in Copenhagen this sunday and performed a stellar little concert for a small, devoted and semi-sedated audience. The album is really good – a kind of hawaii-dub-pop-reggae mix.



“All I need is some sunshine …”

Holy Other

We’re digging the dark, atmospheric and melancholic tones from Holy Other today.


Emily Kai Bock II

Ohh, and we love this one!!! Grimes, pink bangs & headphones


Emily Kai Bock I

Sebastien Schuller – Nightlife from Emily Kai Bock on Vimeo.

Emily directed this video. We like a lot! Neon haze.


Our good friend Alexander Tovborg stopped by the studio today for a cup of tea. He played this song for us by CTM which we really, really liked. Cool video too. Her debut EP ‘Variations’ is out 5th November.