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Our favorite headphone company AIAIAI made this brilliant ad for Vice Magazine  – who presented them with the challenge of producing an ad for their magazine which was dedicated to Bob Guccione – the founder of “men’s” magazine Penthouse. Great work guys, cool and clever!



Interesting read from the magazine Current Obsession. The chapter “From gemstones to jewelry”  from theorist & philosopher Roland Barthes’ book The Language of Fashion. Read it here.

“…the mythology of woman has changed: in the novel, in films, woman is less and less the femme fatale, no longer the destroyer of men; she can no longer be essentialized, stopped from existing or made into a precious and dangerous object; she has rejoined the human race. And also gemstones, the great mythical gemstones, are barely worn nowadays; they are of historical value, only, sterilized, embalmed and kept away from female body, condemned to sit safe. In short, fashion – need I say more? – no longer speaks of the gemstone but only of jewellery.”

amber-ibarreche-06The book Language of Fashion by Roland Barthes was first published in France, 2004, by Editions du Seuill. The article From Gemstones to Jewellery was first published in Jardin des Arts, 77 (April), 1961; Oeuvres complétes vol. 1, 911-14. Illustrations and collages by AMBER IBARRECHE

Valentino FW13

Lovely lovely campaign shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and styled by Karl Templer. 

Hiding places

This is a really fun project called “Secret Stash” by Taiwanese product designer Yiting Cheng – currently doing an MA at Royal College of Art, London.

Al Jarnow

If you don’t know painter, filmmaker, software developer, exhibition designer (in other words, multi talent) Al Jarnow, then it is about time. A new dvd with his collected works (shortfilms & animations) has been released earlier this year and it is definitely on our wishlist. More about him here.

Trailer for the dvd …

Two of his shortfilms here …

And a white hand … ?

Avantgarde designer Hussein Chalayan has some really cool details in his Spring Summer 2010 collection … we like the hat with the built in visor. The white hand detail is a little on the creepy side though … but also quite funny!

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Lola Dupré

Remarkable collages by Glasgow based artist Lola Dupré. She makes them by cutting up original photos and reassembling them by hand using scissors and pens. See more of her work here.