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Beautiful picture of the late Yves Saint Laurent’s private telephone table with a framed original YSL logo. The letters were hand drawn by legendary Cassandre.

Photograph by Pascal Chevallier 


Women of the Avant-Garde

Absolutely breathtaking exhibition at Louisiana “Women of the Avant-Garde” at the moment. Visionary work to say the least and produced in a time and a cultural context that made it so daring, progressive, modern and well, AVANT-GARDE in the truest sense of the word. Women rule! (Even a male companion fully agreed with this, during the visit!) 

Dora Maar (1907-1997), Germaine Dulac (1882-1942), Florence Henri (1893-1982), Hannah Höch (1889-1978), Claude Cahun (1894-1954), Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979), Katarzyna Kobro (1898-1951), Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943).


Top: Image by Sofia&Mauro. Middle: Joseph Beuys’ “Schwangere & Schwan” (1959). Bottom: Michelangelo’s Leda & Swan – a greek myth.


Being Boring

Classic video by Pet Shop Boys – directed by Bruce Weber. Perfectly camp & early 90’es. Released in 1990. More about the song here.

Gothic artefacts

Sometimes you just google stuff you wanna look at, and in this case I felt like googling “Vintage Magnifying glass” – don’t know why, I guess I just thought something beautiful would come up. And so it happend that I stumbled across this wonderfully weird and macabre Gothic antique shop in California.

Quasimodo was not fictional?

Recent historical, literary findings in the Tate museum archives suggests that the character of the Hunchback of Notre Dame in Victor Hugo’s novel, is based upon a real figure …

Adrian Glew, the Tate archivist, who made the discovery, said: “When I saw the references to the humpbacked sculptor at Notre Dame, and saw that the dates matched the time of Hugo’s interest in the Cathedral, the hairs on the back of my neck rose and I thought I should look into it.”

Really interesting arcticle about it here.

The Hunch Back of Notre Dame, 1939 Photo: REX FEATURES

Cartier & Barbara Hutton

“Cartier came to fame as the ‘King of Jewelers’ during the Belle Epoque for his beautifully made diamond and platinum jewelry created for the courts of Europe and Americans of the Gilded Age.”

An exhibition celebrating the hundreth anniversary of Cartier‘s first American boutique, which opened on Manhattan’s Fifth Avevenue in 1909, started at San Fransisco’s Legion of Honor yesterday the 19th dec (runs until April 18th 2010). The jewelry and works of art include pieces from the private collection of Cartier. For example this beautiful emerald eyed tiger brooch which used to belong to Barbara “Poor Little Rich Girl” Hutton (one of her in total 7 husbands, was for three years handsome actor Cary Grant … but that’s another story!) If her middle name intrigues you, there’s an article “The heiress who blew the Woolworth’s billions on vodka breakfasts, seven husbands and jewels galore” here. See this was supposed to be about Cartier’s exhibition and then this happens once you start to do a bit of innocent Googling …..

Cartier brooch via / Image of Barbara Hutton from article mentioned above.