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Lovely little film about the intricate and meticulous work that goes into hand binding a book.

Part Two Winter 2013

We did the art-direction and catalogue for women’s wear label Part Two’s Winter campaign that was just out. Shot by Simon Birk featuring beautiful Ingrid Krzeszewski from Mikas. Mette Thorsgaard did the hair & make-up.






Pietà by Alexander Tovborg (& Bjørn Rasmussen)

We designed the little book that accompanied Alexander Tovborg’s exhibition Pietà consisting of a hand built dinosaur 1:1 size, an old drawing of the same dinosaur and poems by highly acclaimed young writer Bjørn Rasmussen.


jeg skriver

min døde far
i min favn

og han føder
fra hænderne

en lav sol
en lille gul gummidinosaur

jeg græder
som en symaskine
af glæde

- Bjørn Rasmussen

IMG_5205 IMG_5201Exhibition on at FAUNA now until Feb 13.


… with pencils today.


Book covers

We like the covers on these two James Joyce books designed by Peter Mendelsund.

Ulysses C portrait c


Yummy Mummy by Charlotte Torpegaard

We designed beauty-expert & Elle column writer Charlotte Torpegaard‘s new book called “Yummy Mummy”. A cornucopia of tips, knowledge, stories and suggestions for keeping your skin & body perky, healthy and pretty both through and after your pregnancy! Also relevant for any woman – with or without child – who wants to look after appearance in a sensible and non-chemical way!  We had photographer Olivia Frølich shoot the cover and illustrator Sine Jensen draw all the little product drawings.


Skærmbillede 2013-05-29 kl. 11.10.07 Skærmbillede 2013-05-29 kl. 11.10.28 Skærmbillede 2013-05-29 kl. 11.11.13 Skærmbillede 2013-05-29 kl. 11.12.45 Skærmbillede 2013-05-29 kl. 11.14.04


To see images from Charlotte’s press-release at cute cafe Serenity go to, beautyeditor at Cover, Liv Winther’s blog Thethingswedo here.


Rosemunde Copenhagen

Last summer we were approached by popular Danish fashion label Rosemunde. They wanted us to redesign their website & online boutique and visual identity (- with one exception, the logo was only allowed to be tightened and simplified). We are always thrilled to meet new assignments that demands and challenges us to to re-think and re-invent existing brands. So we embarked on this and selected some talented photographers to capture the feminine and soft universe of the label. Paired with a crisp range of typography and a douce palette of colours their new brand universe is now launching and from what we hear is being received really well and gaining a lot of well-earned attention.

So about half a year ago we hired photographer Casper Sejersen to work with our idea for a set of flower still lives to pair up with the forthcoming campaign images. The merge between the pure femininity of the rose and the strong light and dark background gave the depth and edge to the images that we were looking for.


Next up we shot the campaign in a warm, blossoming and evoking summer garden with talented photographer Olivia Frølich and stylist Kathrine Agger (incidentally her dad’s farm in the countryside provided the pittoresque surroundings) … here is a little selection of the images (see the whole campaign here)


IMG_0727If you’re feeling enticed to see what else has happened in the Rosemunde universe, go and have a look at their new website, which is filled with news, images, films and of course and array of great shopping possibilities ….. visit here.

Skærmbillede 2013-02-20 kl. 10.39.25