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Céline London

Wow, this is almost worth a trip if you’re interested in rare retail design. As Vogue UK’s Jo Ellison reports:

“Is it worth it? [the opening was long time due] Pfffft. Don’t be vulgar. Naturally enough, the resulting store is as elegant and thoughtfully desirable as the stealth luxe aesthetic Philo has so successfully nurtured in her collections. Minimal, but not without colour, nor unexpected texture, the simple facade, veiled by a translucent rose-pink resin screen, invites customers into a 300 sq m “selling area”, demarcated by dividing walls clad in clear marmorino plaster and floored with a seeming parquetry of 6,000 multicoloured marble tiles inlaid with semi-precious stones.”

Images from Vogue

A part of the interior was designed by the Danish artist FOS. Read a little blogpost about him here on the inspiriting LINE&JO blog




Yvonne Kone’s POP-UP SHOP

Bag & accessories designer Yvonne Koné just opened a pop-up shop here in Copenhagen. We designed the signage for the windows and can only encourage you to pop by and see all her wonderful goods. It is only open for 3 months.

R5A9771-720x1007R5A9777-720x1007R5A9780-720x1007R5A9805-720x1007Images via Yvonne’s blog

Missemai Prints

A while ago we were asked to re-design talented textile printer and designer Missemai’s website & online boutique. Her products and universe is a wonderful selection of handmade prints, illustrations, knitted goods and other cute stuff. We wanted to create a frame for her work that was crisp and stylized but still had a feminine and playful touch. Go visit her site here. But be careful, you might end up wanting to own a pacifier clip and a baby rug just for yourself!

Skærmbillede 2013-10-01 kl. 15.33.46


Skærmbillede 2013-10-01 kl. 15.34.13

Skærmbillede 2013-10-01 kl. 15.35.42

Skærmbillede 2013-10-01 kl. 15.34.53

Anndra Neen

Cool and inspiring sisters Annette & Phoebe Stephens are behind the chic accessory brand Anndra Neen. Here is a peek inside their studio and an interview with them via Opening Ceremony.

“Anndra Neen’s metal clutches are so curious and beautiful it’s no wonder they’ve already become collector’s items. “There’s a man in Japan who has bought every cage clutch and uses them as tissue box holders!” designers Phoebe and Annette Stephens told me when I met them at their apartment last month. “We love the idea that they’re wearable art.” (via Opening Ceremony)

Here in Copenhagen you can buy Anndra Neen at LOT#29





110812-anndra-neen_06 110812-anndra-neen_13

Photos by Brayden Olson



Oh, ‘depressing news of the week’ is that one of our favourite boutiques here in Copenhagen, Tekinoktay is closing 19th January 2013. Evren Tekinoktay, who is also an artist, has been selling her selection of fine lingerie, rare perfumes and silk stockings in what is definitely one of the most stylish boutiques in the city for 9 years. We’ll miss that place.

LOT#29 website

Yes, hello you pretty little thing. We finally finished and put online the website we designed for luxury boutique LOT#29. Go have a look here.

Jasper Morrison

Next time we’re in London, we’re definitely going to pay Jasper Morrison’s (secret) gallery/high-class hardware shop a visit. Apparently it has been hiding behind a black gate with no signs and directions at Kingsland Rd. since 2008. Found you!

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