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Céline London

Wow, this is almost worth a trip if you’re interested in rare retail design. As Vogue UK’s Jo Ellison reports:

“Is it worth it? [the opening was long time due] Pfffft. Don’t be vulgar. Naturally enough, the resulting store is as elegant and thoughtfully desirable as the stealth luxe aesthetic Philo has so successfully nurtured in her collections. Minimal, but not without colour, nor unexpected texture, the simple facade, veiled by a translucent rose-pink resin screen, invites customers into a 300 sq m “selling area”, demarcated by dividing walls clad in clear marmorino plaster and floored with a seeming parquetry of 6,000 multicoloured marble tiles inlaid with semi-precious stones.”

Images from Vogue

A part of the interior was designed by the Danish artist FOS. Read a little blogpost about him here on the inspiriting LINE&JO blog




Opening Ceremony & Magritte

Opening Ceremony has done a small tribute collection to surrealism artist René Magritte. We like this t-shirt …

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Constantin Brancusi by Assouline

We would love to get our hands on the beautiful book from Assouline about sculptor Constantin Brancusi. His work embodies a wonderful, simple elegance and an inherent, poetic geometry. Buy the book (focusing on his relationship with New York) here.

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The Goldfinch

Looking forward to dive into this very long-awaited book by Donna Tartt. Really loved her first novel The Secret History. She has only published three novels altogether in her career, which is quite intriguing. The book-cover features a peek of a chained goldfinch, the main object of an old Dutch oil painting entitled the same, done by the artist Carel Fabritius in 1654.




Pietà by Alexander Tovborg (& Bjørn Rasmussen)

We designed the little book that accompanied Alexander Tovborg’s exhibition Pietà consisting of a hand built dinosaur 1:1 size, an old drawing of the same dinosaur and poems by highly acclaimed young writer Bjørn Rasmussen.


jeg skriver

min døde far
i min favn

og han føder
fra hænderne

en lav sol
en lille gul gummidinosaur

jeg græder
som en symaskine
af glæde

- Bjørn Rasmussen

IMG_5205 IMG_5201Exhibition on at FAUNA now until Feb 13.

Nathalie Du Pasquier

We really like Nathalie Du Pasquier’s oil paintings. The way she mixes ordinary objects with self-built constructions give them a poetic and slightly odd beauty. Nathalie was born in France in 1957 and is one of the founding members of the Italian design & architecture group Memphis. She has worked with textiles, carpets, furniture and objects but now mainly concentrates on painting.




nathalie3Images via NIEVES.CH

Sheeps by Les Lalanne shot by Peter Funch

Ohh a Sheep by Les Lalanne duo would do good at the studio, just hanging out with a nice cosy vibe. Artist Peter Funch captured this entire flock at the Christie’s Building, just before they went on auction a while ago. Such a good idea. We wonder where they are now…