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Herbert Bayer

Artist, graphic designer, interior decorator and art buyer from Austria. He was responsible for the bauhaus art direction and graphic design. In his later years he functioned as art consultant for his close friend oil magnate Robert Anderson.

HB_GREETINGSChristmas greetings  (1942)

The lonely Metropolitain (1932)

Shortly before dawn (1936-39)

Hands Act (1932)

An advert

How cool is this ad from Jil Sander from 1978, Vogue Paris.

Saving a fox

This is rare and genious advertising!

Nice colored headphones & singer Oh Land

Yay, this is a nice match! Watch Oh Land wearing the AIAIAI BLUSH headphones in this commercial.



Very cool short film by the talented Kacper Kasprzyk. We love the soundtrack by the French artist Koudlam.

Mon amour ….

Spring is upon us, with sunshine, warm winds and what-not. And ain’t nothing as good as a nice cold …. Directed by Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola. Cute!