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Simon Birk and M.O.D

Our good friend and talented photographer Simon Birk just showed us this cool little film he shot for Danish suit brand M.O.D Well done, guys!

The making of a fragrance ad

The cool ad for LOVE, CHLOÉ and the making of it (we love Raquel Zimmerman)

Johan Sandberg

We have been working with the very talented and very sweet photographer Johan Sandberg last week. We can’t wait to show you the stunning result. In the meantime is here a selection of his impressive work …




It’s looking bright

Japan & colors

We want to go to Tokyo again soon! Beautiful story shot by Anders Edström for AnOther magazine (2009) featuring Tao Okamoto.


Mia Christopher

Cute sketchbook drawings from Mia Christopher


Denim, yes

Looking damn cool, girls.

Balmain girls backstage via

Your Sound Galaxy, 2012

Beautiful work by artist Olafur Eliasson.

“It consists of a group of twenty-seven polyhedra suspended from the ceiling and arranged in two horizontally concentric circles. The polyhedra are arranged in a clockwise sequence in which each form has more faces than the last. These are organisable into nine ‘families’ of three related forms. Two of the three are dual polyhedra – meaning that the number of vertices on the one polyhedron is equal to the number of faces on the other – and the third, hanging in the inner circle, is a combination of the two.

Again, it is very much about movement and time, because each polyhedron has an LED light at its centre, and when you walk around beneath the artwork, light sparkles through the cracks in the frames above, so that the viewer is instrumental in making a composition of light in transformation. It is like a sound composition, only there is no sound.” (via Thinking In Practice)

The Blazer

By Balmain, worn by Hilary Rhoda.

Hilary Rhoda photographed by Ezra Petronio, issue n°37. Styling by Suzanne Koller. Via

Bar & Co

If we were going to Helsinki anytime soon, we would visit this bistro and bar, called Bar & Co. Read more about it here.

Photography: Mikko Ryhänen