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Malgosia & Coats

Such a classic and timeless beauty. Plus; we want all the winter coats too. Give it.

Malgosia from the latest edition of Gentlewoman, photographed by Karin Sadli. Via


If you are Danish – or able to read it – we recommend this peculiar and humorous poem by Martin Glaz Seerup called “Marken” (The Field). The book’s text was originally installed in art galleries in Copenhagen and Los Angeles and was in 2010 published in its full length. ‘Marken’ is the voice in the book and ponders innocently & questioning about some very mundane and familiar issues.

“Marken har været velklædt det meste af sit liv, marken er stadig velklædt, altid iført noget passende, noget neutralt, noget afmålt, noget almindeligt, men altid med den lille ting, det dér ekstra, en sjov detalje, noget farvet eller noget arvet eller noget andet.”

“Marken tænker på ordet proprietær og på ordet prokurist, den ved ikke hvad de betyder.”


Jonathan Monk. Untitled (A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted) (2004) Blue neon mounted on white acrylic, 40 x 150 cm, Edition of 2 (+ 1 AP)

Listening to …

St. Vincent & David Byrne’s new collaboration “Love this giant”.

Birth of a book

Barbara Kasten

Influenced by The Bauhaus and Constructivism, Barbara Kasten explores modes of reorganizing the visual environment. With geometric shapes, mirrors, glass, lighting gels and a lighting crew recruited from the film industry, she creates abstract interpretations of interior spaces and architectural details. (via MOCP)

“The CONSTRUCTS series began as 8×10 Polaroids. The sculptural constructions used to create large scale photograms inspired studio installations. Referencing constructivism, the temporary theatrical tableau are made to be photographed in approximately 4 to 8 feet square spaces. Color, form and space are recorded with an 8×10 or 4×5 view camera.”

See more of Barbara Kasten’s work here.

A N V E envelope

We like this little envelope cardholder in soft goatskin. Comes in many different colors. Buy it here.