Monthly Archives: January 2012

Busby Berkeley

We were just looking through the amazing array of stills from Busby Berkeley‘s musicals. Hypnotizing …


LA Graphic Design website …

Our company website is being updated and redesigned … it has taken a while, as we tend to end up last on a long list of things to do every day – our clients being first priority of course! BUT; we’re almost there now! It is going to be a little bit unconventional and we have teamed up with a top photographer who has helped to portray our body of work & other ideas.  You have to wait a little while just yet … but we’re working hard to re-launch the site soon!


We will be seeing this when it opens in Copenhagen! Looks disturbing and scary and the always amazing Tilda Swinton is suppose to be better than ever…

FROM magazine

The new youth-culture magazine FROM should be hitting the shops any day now, and we can’t wait to see it. The people behind it are cool, creative, quirky and funny … so we’re all gonna be in for a treat, that’s for sure!

“We seek to chronicle the cornerstones of youth. The good and the bad, the hip and the ‘unpretty’, the deep and the superficial.”

Kokoon wins award!

Our lovely, talented friend (and client) Nanna who is the creator of high-end silk brand Kokoon, was just awarded Best New Designer 2011 by DK’s largest selling fashion magazine Costume. Well done and well deserved!!! Nanna works hard (in a hard business) and designs absolutely stunning and classic pieces season after season. Many congratulations from us …..

A Movie Trailer

Looking through some old John Cassavetes movie stills (sounds fairly “pretentious” when you put it like that …) we fell over this funny trailer for his film Shadows from 1959. More so than communicating what the film is about and letting the images follow that, it mainly concentrates on reviews with montages of publications featuring it and highlighted quotes …. and, most importantly a narrator who’s clearly been instructed to talk persuasively and with “breaking news”-enthusiasm.

“ACTUALLY filmed in New York city ….”  (OMG!)

You Go, Girl!

Australian “plus-size” model Robyn Lawley is absolutely stunning. Loving her for not breaking down to model/industry standards regarding weight … When you look at her you just know its right! Read an interview with her here.

“You know all sizes can be sexy, it really is that extra bit of confidence that can make you into a tiger not a cub. Grrr ha-ha.” 

Olga Ravn

The young feminist and very thoughtful writer Olga Ravn has just published her debut collection of poetry called “Jeg æder mig selv som lyng”. In these poems she deals with coming of age, with the body and all it’s demands and the surrounding expectations, with restless love, sex and gender and forbidden acts. She has such a raw and sensitive style of writing and we are taken by her universe of very carefully chosen words, we’re sent back in time, over the top and left stronger and full of questions. And we need some more time to read it all. The motif of the cover is beautiful and clever. It looks like heather, but is actually a scientific model of the inside of a breast filled with wax. Quite a symbol.
By the way, some time ago we had the pleasure of working with Miss Ravn. She did som very nice illustrations for a project. Just to say she has a great talent for drawing as well.

Portrait by photographer Sara Galbiati

Birdy, birdy … are you still out there?

Last spring we saved a little baby bird outside the office. It had fallen out of its nest (we gather) and was nervous and bewildered to say the least. It sat right outside our door on the pavement and was chirping in distress. It didn’t even know how to fly yet but was calling for help through the traffic noise. We put it in a shoebox and took it to a little garden behind the studio. Here we found a nice, green bush and opened the box. It jumped right on to a branch and seemed relieved. In our minds the bird lived happily ever after. To celebrate the brave bird we bring you these beautiful images from a series called “The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds” by photographer Luke Stephenson.

Alexander Tovborg

We’re currently working with talented artist Alexander Tovborg on a really exciting project. It is in the making so we can’t show it yet. But in the meantime look at his beautiful work here.

“Tovborg explores different genres of art including painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance. He creates compelling figurative and metaphysical imagery drawn from his own personal beliefs and combined with elements that seem to connect to a more general cultural subconscious. Tovborg seems especially to find a sincere and genuine expression in religious and spiritual art that he transforms into paintings and sculptures – creating his own myths in process.”