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A scenario

Lovely campaign photo from Paule Ka Fall Winter 2011.

Elad Lassry

White Cube Gallery in London just published this nice book of work by Elad Lassry, who is a quite talented and interesting photographer/artist. You can buy it here. Or you can see more of his work here.

“I’m fascinated by the collapse of histories and the confusion that results when there is something just slightly wrong in a photograph,”

YES! We agree.

The book:

Some of his other work:



An argument with myself …

This weekend’s soundtrack = Jens Lekman’s new EP “An Argument With Myself”.

AnOther Mag Fall Winter 2011

Great cover … see a little movie from the shoot here.

Fanny Boström Gentle’s Fashion Dolls

Absolutely gorgeous illustrations ‘Fashion Dolls’ by Fanny Boström. She is so talented! See her full portfolio of vibrant and humorous illustrations here – and follow her lovely blog here.

Fanny is married to Bill Gentle “BackyardBill” (we’ve mentioned his blog before) and they live with their two cats here.

Bottom image from The Selby.


Lingerie = not a subject we blog much about … per se. But as an item of beauty it qualifies. Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla – elaborately braided satin-twill. It costs € 553. End of story.

It is no longer for sale here.

Happy cactus

photography by Nolan Hall via.