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An owl

By Nan Goldin.

Sunday switch

Happy little fellow, eh?

Via myfunnyeye.

Aitken Jolly

Love these 2 photos by Aitken Jolly!

Preparing for the weekend

… with the £1,500 “Windsor Hamper” from Fortnum and Mason … (I wish!)

The Exception

Don’t really wear or want jewelry … but god-gifted goldsmiths Line&Jo changed that completely. Bracelets to d.i.e. for !!!


Who Gets to call it Art?

This movie about the art scene in NY in the sixties, is definitely on my Christmas wish list …

Martin Creed

Nice work by Glasgow-raised artist Martin Creed. See more here.


Strong!!!! By Jil Sander.

Image via The Satorialist


We came across this Men’s prostate cancer campaign Movember (Grow a MOustache each year in NOvember) Founded in Australia in 2004 and running each year, it has now spread out to countries such as UK, US, Canada, Spain etc. They have raised over £26 million globally! Well done, and great idea. Read about it here

In the beginning God created Adam. And from Adam’s top lip He let sprout a Mo. At that moment, God created man. Henceforth the mighty symbol of virility and strength carried man to his destiny. Neither grand king nor fearless warrior would dare set foot on battlefield without his burly banner of top lip bristle. Yes it is even said that without his Mo, Alexander the Great, was simply called Al. And that the only reason Genghis Khan was made ruler of the entire Mongol Empire, was because he could sprout a Mo at will. So man of today, be you not afraid of ridicule, make you not your naked face the norm. Grow your Mo proud and grow it long. Because, it is your destiny!

Via Creative Review blog.

Marlene Dumas

Is a favourite painter.