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Carey Mulligan

This a bit of a girly post – but we at LA just think that actress Carey Mulligan is adorable. Especially in this series of photos from Interview magazine.


What amazing effects (LED) lights can create … by French Superbien.


The sound of spring …

… just outside our windows here at the LA office, we have a lot of beautiful trees that are blossoming. From them we hear the eager sound of many birds tweeting at the moment. They are just as excited about the sun shining as we are and we like that a lot. One of the most common birds in DK is the blackbird …

Image from The Royal Danish Library

Vague Paper

Nice little magazine, Vague Paper.

Alphabet chairs

Designed by Roeland Otten.



Beautiful sculpted dress by talented Hakaan. And beautiful photo by Craign McDean.


Love this cat! 100% determined to catch that thing …

At home with Nicki Bidder & Anton Aunders (+ Stevie & Ferris) from The Selby.

LA art directs winning campaigns for DAY

LA are thrilled that the campaigns we art directed for DAY Birger et Mikkelsen have been awarded DANSK Fashion Award 2010 “Best Campaign”. We have been working with DAY for their past 3 campaigns and have been part of a strong, brilliant team every time. Congrats to all involved!!!

Read about the Spring Summer 2010 campaign here.

Read about the Autumn Winter 2009 campaign here.

Read about the Spring Summer 2009 campaign here.

Alternative formats

Cute display of cards, functioning as a lookbook for Stella McCartneys 2010 shoe collection. Seen at her shop in Bruton Street, London.

No no no, why would you go and do that?

Ohhh we’ve seen it so many times before … old extinguished (fashion, furniture etc) house gets a “fresh” new idea (is it related to a “fresh” new person in their PR / retail department who desperately needs to show action and determination in order to validate his/hers employment and decides to modernize?) Modernize = A word seemingly progressive and dynamic, but put in the wrong hands and minds so potentionally dangerous and in worst case damaging. Now, some houses, in this case Italian fashion house ETRO, seem to float on an ethereal level of quality, history and establishement, and you would think, they would never act with such carelessness … which is why we were devastated to see that they have re-designed the entire packaging for their (formerly) exquisitely beautiful perfume series. Before all this madness, ETRO had a series of over 20 perfumes, each individually designed but with same overall lines of look. Especially the individual typography, decorative flourishes and different shape of label for each smell, was highly skillfully applied and designed with a distinct eye for luxury and a respect for the valuable story of the house. Today, all the labels 1. look the same 2. all use the same predictable typography and colour scheme. What a shame, what a loss … and what a terrible mistake.

Old packaging

New packaging