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Cloud Appreciation Society

Ok, this is a very cool little organization. It is the Society of Cloud Aprreciators. They have their own website and has published a little book (in fact more than one), in which they take you through the different kinds of clouds (shapes, colours, origin etc) In this book, there is also a note section, where you can note down your own observations. You can join the organization, simply by declaring (or sharing) your love for clouds, and they will in return send you your own private membership certificate and an honory badge. Here is their manifesto.

Marcelo Krasilcic

Very dreamy & veeery beautiful photographs by Marcelo Krasilcic. He is talented!!!

Neck Folding / Turtle Neck

Apparently “Turtles are broken down into two groups, according to how they evolved a solution to the problem of withdrawing their neck into their shell (something the ancestral Proganochelys could not do): the Cryptodira, which can draw their neck in while contracting it under their spine; and the Pleurodira, which contract their neck to the side. [...] Continue reading here

Image: Mike Mills / This is What They Bought / Colette, Paris, 1999.


Beautiful surrealism-inspired series by photographers SofiaMauro from Numero #91.

Bart Stolle

Nice work by artist Bart Stolle. He is exhibiting in Antwerp at Zeno X Gallery from Dec 4 2009 – Jan 16 2010.

Spasmodic variegated savage 60 x 50 cm / Acrylic on canvas. Copyright Bart Stolle


Tao Tao Tao

Apropos the top image in the previous “Brooch” post. It is the Japanese model Tao Okamoto, who we are absolutely in love with at the moment! Beautiful, cool girl!!!!

Images from Tao’s portfolio at


Great lesson in wearing a brooch with style! United Bamboo Fall/Winter 2009.

Top image from, bottom image via

Map of Africa

Listening to Map of Africa this morning … such a nice and tranquille song.

Great Fellas Collaborate!

What a great rumour we just heard in our tiny, secret earpiece … Magic graphic man and typographer Ed Fella (we like him a lot!) will create tshirt prints for our good friends over at Norse Projects (we like them a lot!) What a nice collabo and we can’t wait to see the result. Female sizes too please!

Beautiful Animals, People and Happenings …

Some times nice little things happen to you – like finding this old nature documentary (in a streetshop in Bangkok for 79 Baht) “Animals are Beautiful People” by Jamie Uys. Dating back to 1974, it takes place in the Namib Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango River and Okavango River. The theme, so to speak, is that animals resemble us people a lot in the way they behave and to underline this the narration is quite humourous! Sad Bonus info: What is not so funny, is that a lot of these places and animals are probably gone now! Happy Bonus info: It won the Golden Globes in 1975 for Best Documentary!

Here is a (rather long) preview found on youtube. Enjoy …