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Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Speaking of nice umbrellas, you should see Jacques Demy’s masterpiece Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (1964). It features the very young Cathrine Deneuve as the daughter of a widowed  umbrella shop owner. The young girl falls in love with a boy below her status, and the couple are eventually separated because he has to serve the army. This movie is so beautiful in many ways – the love story is well written, the set design is so gorgeously charming and the cinematography captures all the colours. And it was the breakthrough film for Cathrine Deneuve, she was only 20 years old.
Ohh, forgot to mention that it’s a film with an all sung dialogue from beginning to end!


What a nice umbrella, sir! Why thank you, madam!

We like the idea of having a handcrafted nice umbrella that you carry with pride and have with you for life (or almost). Especially around these Northern parts where downpour is a daily worry. Stop buying weird cheap umbrellas that don’t work and you loose, and never bother looking after! We want quality, appreciation of craft and responsibility back into umbrella-purchasing. Fox Umbrellas are “makers of the world’d finest umbrellas”. They carry a beautiful selection for Ladies & Gents … they also sell walking sticks and seat sticks (an item you rarely think of buying, but may need, now that you are reminded of its existence).




Hello Funny Face

Nice photographs / ideas by Paul Graves (made in collaboration with B. Borsodi) for Vmen.




Painted photographs

From the German painter Gerhard Richer’s series Übermalte Fotografien (containing more than 500 overpainted photographs). Apparently he got the idea for the series while painting and dripping on some photographs by mistake. We like these, they look a bit like distorted killer whales.





Images from February 1992


… and blossoms & flora. Is the theme of this post.


From top to bottom: ring by Dior Joaillerie, photograph by Paola Kudacki , illustration by Jimmy Turrell.

The finest Jewellery

Now this is a blog to follow! Goldsmiths Line Hallberg and Jo Riis-Hansen have just aired a blog about all their LINE&JO jewellery, and we can’t wait to see all their inspiring posts. We wish them all the best out in fun Blogland. Check it out here


Artwork above (from and blog graphic guidance by LA GRAPHIC DESIGN

L for … A for …

Nice little alphabet prints by illustrator Paul Thurlby. See the whole series here.