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Different lives …

Once in a while you think about past times and what it would have been like to live as someone else. The life of infamous art collector, gallerist and patron Peggy Guggenheim (1898 – 1979) seems to have been quite interesting on many levels. She had a brief affair with Samuel Beckett, was married to amongst others Dada sculptor & writer Laurence Vail and Max Ernst. Read about her life here.

Peggy Guggenheim, 1942, (A/P World Wide Photos)


Just a regular night with random friends: Group photograph of “Artists in Exile”. In Peggy Guggenheim’s New York Apartment, 1942. Front Row: Stanley William Hayder, Leonora Carrington, Frederick Kiesler, Kurt Seligmann. Second row: Max Ernst, Amadee Ozenfant, Andre Breton, Fernand Leger, Berenice Abbott. Third row: Jimmy Ernst, Peggy Guggenheim, John Ferren, Marcel Duchamp & Piet Mondrian.


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Say cheese!

This is what we here on LA would like to call a .. for the lack of a better word .. STRONG look. “One more word and you are dead!” (we imagine her answering, when we politely ask her about the make of her coat)


La classique démesure de Martin Margiela, styled by Joe McKenna for French Vogue # 899,  August 2009.

Whit Stillman

Long time ago (eleven years is a long time in movie land) Whit Stillman made his last film. And we are soooo longing for him to make more intriguing and witty and wonderful movies, where the art direction and the casting is so very cool. And it’s seldom you see movies wreapped in covers/posters like this… While we are waiting, we’ll watch Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco again (just released by Criterion)


Image from Criterion

Yeah … Ok … Like … Whatever!

We’re totally immune and not at all envious when our London friends tell us about how they spent the afternoon at private member’s club Shoreditch House. “It was like the hottest day ever, and we just sat there by the pool in the sun eating burgers and drinking beers!” Yeah whatever! We mean, who would want that? Spa treatments, restaurants, this bar, that bar, private dining rooms, The Biscuit Tin ( = a two lane bowling alley with its own bar) and a Roof top terrace with separate restaurant, bar and pool, overlooking London. To imagine sitting there after work sipping their signature slush drink consisting of  Sgroppino Prosecco, Vodka and Lemon sorbet? No thanks, not for us … nope … absolutely not!


Miss Missy

So … about gorgeous model Missy Rayder who we mentioned in an earlier post. We’ve had the fortune to work with her twice now for the AW09 and the forthcoming SS10 campaign for our client DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. Missy is probably the most down-to-earth, charming and professional girl ever and she is an immense pleasure to spend a day with. She was teamed up with Danish model Tobias Sørensen, and we thought ourselves that they made quite a cool couple – luckily others agreed, see a recent post from Refinery 29 here.

For the AW09 campaign, shot on location here in Cph, we were part of the greatest team to realize our idea for DAY together with their Head of PR Tanja Nipper. See the whole campaign here.


Photography by Hasse Nielsen, Stylist Karin Smeds/LinkDetails, Hair Cim Mahony/The Wall Group, Make-up Sine Ginsborg/Unique Look, Idea & Art Direction LA

Birdie Chairs & a Bar

Now these poetic sculptures and chair-work is what LA would place in the category called ‘very nice/très beaux’. We would love to attain one chair (preferably two) for our studio. But not so many pieces were made. Actually they were made on commission by artist Francois-Xavier Lalanne (who recently passed away). The lucky owners were the famous art collector-couple (among other things) Pierre Bergé  and Mr. Yves Saint Laurant (who also passed away recently). The material is Portuguese marble and black painted wood.


The amazing bar was also custom made! What a joy.

mages from Christie’s


Sneak preview of the pretty aggressive-looking covers on the next issue of V Magazine (out monday)


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